FH / Flair

“Flair” is a general term used to describe round buttons of various sizes pinned to one’s shirts and used to express one’s self. Popularized by the 1999 film Office Space, where a restaurant “Chotchkie’s” required employees to wear “at least” 15 pieces of flair.

FH / Spotify Covers

Curated album covers for my personal Spotify playlist collection.

Album designs were created using found imagery and artwork inspirations of mine—credited when known and available.

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  1. Damn Fine Coffee
  2. Redeye Reprisal
  3. Secrets and Lies
  4. Remember This, If Anything
  5. M I R A G E
  6. Finally Landing
  7. Random Lo-Fi Sampler
  8. endTROPHY
  9. Woke Up Twice
  10. I’ll Be Around
  11. Meet Me in Montauk.
  12. Can it all be so simple?