: 'Nowcast' EP

/ AH035

available for free in FLAC/MP3 : LISTEN / DOWNLOAD

from AH035 release page:

"Fusing murky atmospheric ambience to hip-hop inspired beats the 'Nowcast' EP takes off in a stratospheric journey. 2% loops samples into vaporous drones creating a milky haze for his melodies to refract within then drops beats that land you back on solid ground. Additionally, tracks like 'Neaps' and 'Front' offer a beatless diversion that keep you lifted in this whirling, sun drenched horizon.
Trenton McElhinney, the name behind 2%, composed the entire 'Nowcast' EP on a Monome running a live sample-cutting platform. Using a modified version of MLR for Max/Msp Trenton recorded tracks in single live takes and used minimal post processing. This gives his EP a live, raw feel and emphasizes the elegance of it's own simplicity.
1.) Glory (3:59)
2.) Virga (4:58)
3.) Front (1:34)
4.) Leeward (5:43)
5.) Tops (6:16)
6.) Neaps (5:56)

original release: Archaic Horizon (2009)