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FAP / (Genesis)

Frog Affirmation Project

Based on the early 20th century Suprematist visual language of Lissitzky's 𝙋𝙧𝙤𝙪𝙣 constructions, this collection pays homage to Pepe (by Matt Furie) in a derivative metamorphosis.

This project was inspired directly by the work of @batzdu’s Geometric Pepes. Speaking to his collection, the Suprematism artistic style is the cousin of De Stijl and compliments the mimetic spirit batz imbibes and the milieu of Pepe as a transcendental cultural icon.

These were all created using AI (Midjourney), during what felt like the peak of its inception into the online art community (specifically the NFT space) as a controversial talking point.

The ability of the artificial intelligence to randomize shape, line, and color is befitting of the Suprematist philosophy of randomized deconstructed form. The art was an expression of feeling with zero utility. Although they may be intrigued by the unorthodox mode of AI prompting, the anti-capitalist Supremus group would likely not be as supportive of the required monthly subscription.


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︎ 1/1 collection
︎ 69 qty.
︎ Released on 1/10/23
︎ Original mint price: Ξ .069

...a blissful sense of liberating non-objectivity drew me forth into a "desert", where nothing is real except feeling...

— "Suprematism", Part II of The Non-Objective World


"Suprematism has advanced the ultimate tip of the visual pyramid of perspective into infinity.... We see that Suprematism has swept away from the plane the illusions of two-dimensional planimetric space, the illusions of three-dimensional perspective space, and has created the ultimate illusion of irrational space, with its infinite extensibility into the background and foreground."

- El Lissitzky


Color & Form Studies

Continuation from the Russian avant-garde artists, these are based on the work of the Bauhaus. The first group of FAP frogs all specifically focused on imaginative color theory experiments, with rich gouache hues, and cut up paper designs. The latter half of the project uses contiguous line drawings based on form.


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︎ 1/1 collection
︎ 150 qty.
︎ Released on 1/20/23
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"The end and aim of all artistic endeavor is liberation of the spiritual essence of form and color and its release from imprisonment in the world of objects."

- Johannes Itten



The next topic of interest for the FAP project was: brutalism. The depressed frog form has been assimilated into the rigid and cold concrete architecture of European postwar angst.


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︎ 80 qty.
︎Released on 2/10/23
︎Original mint price: Ξ .069